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First Saudi Manpower Agency


The first specialized Saudi agency concerned with providing professional services and solutions in the field of providing and managing organized cadres in support of exhibitions and conferences of all kinds, with multiple and accurate options that contribute to transforming your ideas as an organizer into an impressive event that leaves a positive impression on everyone.

In addition to some solutions and logistics in the same field, such as systems and recording devices, sound, image and lighting to help bring the conference or event to a level that is appropriate for professional aspirations.

One of the components of our identity is that we pay close attention to the details of the work to ensure quality performance and the pursuit of lasting excellence in order to reach an enjoyable and successful experience with our customers in every conference or event that we are part of.

Our Services

Our Services


Management , provision and training of operational personnel for conferences /exhibitions / events / crowd management .

Events Management System

Designing and training in the field of events making and conferences.

Logistics & Support

Support services for exhibitions and conferences.

Creative Content Creation

A social voluntary work aims to support communities.

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Saudi Accountants Forum
Riyadh Economic Forum
Bipan exhibition 2020
Saudi Forum for Meetings Industry
Graduation ceremony of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation


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