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First Saudi Manpower Agency



The first specialized Saudi agency in providing professional services and solutions in the field of managing and providing the organizing and supporting manpower for the exhibitions and conferences, with multiple, effective and unique options that contribute to transforming your ideas and thought as an organizer into an impressive event that gives a positive and remarkable impression.

Besides that, providing the logistic solutions that suit your event such as Registration System and Equipment, Recording Devices, Audiovisual, Sound and Lighting Systems in order to bring your event/conference/exhibition to the best and professional level of aspirations.

One of our secrets and elements of our identity is that we pay close attention to the details of the work to ensure quality performance and the pursuit of lasting excellence in order to reach an enjoyable and successful experience with our clients in every conference or event that we are part of.

Our History

How we started ?


A Tweet on twitter !

The idea started with the aim of building a positive gathering to invest and direct the energy of youth men and women who want to hone their experiences and develop them and open the opportunities to unleash their talents and highlight their roles more in local and international occasions and forums.

After few days of publishing this tweet on 1st of January 2012, it became the story and talks of all workers and professionals in the same field of organizing events, conferences and public relations.


The dream deserves ..

After our experiences during the first year, we realized that we could provide the best. We decided to carry on our shoulders the responsibility to be the Saudi model for this service. Also, we were able to create a new professional line in the industry market of events to open a wonderful gate of opportunities; as we had valuable experiences with great clients who believed in our vision.


Mature Vision and Broader Experience

We started this year a new stage in employment and empowering the work team to accomplish our projects with more dynamic, overshadowed the selectivity in all our choices and began to form in our minds the true image of our capabilities, we have reliable and strong relationships with many government entities and valuable companies locally and internationally, and our vision has become more mature and wider experiences.


Bigger adventures

We went through this year the first and most important investment decisions to stabilize our feet on the road and to ensure the stability of this inspiring entity. We went ahead with the most complex and adventurous projects in terms of time, operational costs, and the number of work teams. We also realized that we are able to proceed with confident steps, and that success requires faith, hard work and persistence.


competition & challenge

With determination and experience, we were able to enrich the spirit of competition among competitor companies that came to light and began to compete us in the market. We paid attention to create the differences in the level of services provided and the efficiency of the work team and strive to increase productivity and the projects capacity, which made us the best choice for the largest projects and the entities. 


International Participations

We participated as the first Saudi agency specialized in providing and training manpower for the events in the (iMix) exhibition held in Germany invited by the National Program for Exhibitions and Conferences to become our first global start and that gave us the opportunity to present our services to all companies in the same field all over the world that met under one roof to communicate and share their experiences on a larger global scale.


The New Saudi

We have contributed, as success partners, within the largest national events, forums, and workshops emanating from the VISION of 2030, so we started harvesting the fruits of this vision in the form of major projects all over the cities around KSA and gave us the opportunity to expand further with our ambitions and our wider strategy to be able to absorb the largest possible number of available opportunities in the KSA market in line with current economic and cultural changes.


Development and Expansion

We committed and pledged ourselves to adhere to the standards of quality, professionalism, and continuous development of our services, and to expand the provision of our services in all cities all over KSA with the same standards and commitment.



Stay tuned ...

Our Vision

Developing the events, conferences and exhibitions' industry all over KSA through investing in human capital to convey an honorable image of the country in the international and local occasions and events.

Our Goals

- To be the first supplier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries that is specialized in providing the manpower services and support teams the exhibitions and conferences' organizers.

- To be the first choice for those who are seeking to develop their skills and financial resources through the Part-Time job.

- Providing high quality creative solutions for the exhibitions and conferences' organizers.

Innovative Ideas

4events offers a chance to attract pioneering and outstanding ideas in the field of organizing events and conferences to form a distinguished partnership and to transform creative ideas to reality, with harnessing all of our expertise and resources to organize an event filled with creativity.